About Us

Fullday coche paquetes todo incluido margaria

We are a company formed by Venezuelan Capital hundred percent committed to Venezuela and tourism development in the country, focused directly on our Pearl of the Caribbean, our renowned Isla de Margarita.

Our mission.

We are a travel agency and also tour operator, focused on providing the customer with a range of tourist services in the island of Margarita with the best prices and with the attention that it deserves, giving the traveler anywhere in the world a pleasant experience and repeatable.

Our vision.

Position as the Operator and Tourist Agency preferred by the Venezuelan.


Commitment, honesty, respect, collaboration and loyalty.

Navigating Venezuela is synonymous with quality and service, we work harder and harder to offer the customer a sense of luxury and pleasure in modern, large vessels with destinations to the spectacular islands of Coche and Cubagua. Our competitive advantage lies in the personalized service we provide to our customers. We also offer a variety of other services on the island of Margarita.

Sailing in Venezuela, you'll build your holiday in the Pearl of the Caribbean and enjoy with your family a great days on the island of Margarita. Our website gives customers the ease and convenience to shop online through credit cards and others.

If you want to contact us directly, you can do so via the following telephone numbers: +58 414 227 8405 or +58 412 287 1818